Leibler Yavneh College

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The Challenges

Yavneh is an established private day school, schooling over 700 children and contributing immensely to the local community.

With a wide variety of content being produced, their original content management system could not support the variety of formats and sheer volume, making it hard to manage thus being rarely updated.

Yavneh’s events system was manual and difficult to track, having a fluid event management system that was simple to update and easy to communicate event information would be critical. Further, a solution to the management and showcase of Yavneh’s pictures which was acquired on daily basis needed a suitable area to be able to display them in high quality to the 1000′s of eager parents was a must.

The Solutions

Rodan Co’s online solution for Yavneh was extremely tailored which targeted all the challenged areas and beyond. With a clean, content driven website and graphical images, all core functionality has been implemented launching Yavneh’s web presence to a new level.

Parents and children can easily access much needed content from weekly updates, the last photos from recent events, handy links to other services and continual updates from staff and school management. The website is very adaptable, easy to manage which has allowed staff to take control of the content and allow them to use the website as an every day tool to communicate to the thousands of parents, children, prospect pupils and the wider community.


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Leibler Yavneh College